International Shopping Tour

internacionalWelcome to Brazil, and more specifically, to São Paulo!

São Paulo is widely recognized as Brazil´s commercial center, boasting stores and brands of all styles from every corner of the globe.

As you are probably quite well acquainted with the more famous global brands already, our tour will focus primarily on Brazil´s exciting range of local options, many of which are gaining recognition worldwide. This is not to say that we can´t sneak a peek at some of your favorites from around the world, after all, the choice is yours!

Brazil has a huge range of fantastic brands and products on offer. At Compras com Estilo we recognize, however, that not every traveler has the time to spend in finding them. We will prepare a personalized itinerary to suit your needs, streamlining the shopping process and ensuring that you get access to the very best.

In addition to wonderful shopping opportunities, São Paulo is home to a delectable array of gastronomic treats. Between stores we have the option of stopping and sampling some of these delights, as everybody knows that the best shopping can never take place on an empty stomach.

Shopping trips can be made both individually or in small groups, depending on your needs, and can take as little or as much time as you require. Irrespective of your taste, style, needs or the amount of time you have to spend, Compras com Estilo offers a fun and unique experience with specialist consulting from beginning to end.

When it´s time to go home, Compras com Estilo can even arrange to have your luggage packed, saving you the trouble of organizing your belongings and leaving you free for more interesting things.

For more information on our International Shopping Tour, leave a message in the box provided below, or send us an email at Or, if you would prefer, give us a call on 55-11-998818919.
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